No Body by Fernandez

Anthony Lanning

Fernandez’s brand-new single is an epic, cinematic foray, boasting gargantuan vocal flexes, a dazzling arrangement of strings, and an unerring, powerful groove, amidst spectacular production and sound design. 

Fernandez is a Melbourne-based artist whose sound is as crisp as they come. She emerged onto the scene in early 2022 with a self-produced 5 song EP, which was an introduction to her rich and invigorating sound. Her latest single is just as rich and invigorating. No Body revolves around an atmosphere crafted by epic cinematic strings that call to mind the lush soundscapes of Bond movies, with their sensual and luxurious feel. The strings though are only the beginning of what this gorgeous piece has to offer. The composition is just as full of drama and mystique that brings to mind the exotic charms of Hooverphonic, but on voice and arrangement steroids. Fernandez’s voice is fine and capable, and is unabashedly on full display, as she does not shy away from reaching into her highest registers for the sake of some truly remarkable, entertaining, and musical moments, and behind her for support are lines of hard-hitting, hard-compressed drums and bass, along with densely modulated and inventive guitars. Fernandez’s No Body is an outstanding display of a multitude of talents.

Fernandez’s might have just recently erupted into the scene, but with a consistently brilliant standard of quality, a natural knack for arranging and songwriting, and of course with the help of the talented Greg J. Walker on production duty, it will only be a matter of time before their talent gets the forward momentum they deserve, pushing them into stardom.




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