I Look Good by Miss Kaniyah


If you doubt yourself, even if the whole world tries to pump your spirit, you’ll still be insecure. But on the other hand, if you were the cheerful voice in your head who always believes in you, then no one could ever bring you down. How can you be that confident? Miss Kaniyah’s “I Look Good” music video will show you how.

Miss Kaniyah is a superwoman who can do it all; she’s a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, and video director, and obviously, she LOOKS GOOD all the time and in every possible way. What makes the Washington, DC-based artist look that good is that she wears her confidence with every outfit, and it stands out in every talent she shows.

The “I Look Good” music video is a testimony of confidence, beauty, and success. Miss Kaniyah highlights that what makes a person reach their potential is not just how gifted or hardworking they are, but rather how much they believe in themselves. 

Through the bombastic beats, perky melody, and Miss Kaniyah’s charismatic and positive vocal delivery, we are offered the theme in a smooth manner. The flowing rhythms harmonize with the glossy vocals to transform one into the realm where confidence rules!

You don’t need to picture how this realm is; the music video lets you in. Miss Kaniyah’s catchy rapping and astonishing appearance, which are accompanied by a killer attitude, lure you in, and then the varied styles of outfits, the acting roles, and the choreography are what’s going to make you wish to be a part of this world for good. And you can! You just have to own the amount of self-esteem that allows you to be who you really are, and if you’re having trouble doing so, just listen to the song, and it’ll give you an instant boost.

Watching the video, you’ll understand that this is not Miss Kaniyah paying a compliment to herself; this is an anthem of liberating from self-doubt, an invitation to know that no matter what you do in life and whatever you look like, you do look good. Nevertheless, she does deserve admiration, indeed!

The only bad thing about this video is that it ends so soon. However, there’s no denying that the 1:38-minute song and its fabulous music video surely send a hard-core message.




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