I Should’ve Known by Sydney Gordon


“I Should’ve Known” is the latest single by singer-songwriter Sydney Gordon. The song was co-written with the song’s producer Matthew T Wiggers. This is one of those songs that feels like an all-around hit…from the production to the vocal lines to the catchiness of the guitar parts, everything about this song screams success and mainstream play. 

The song begins with some clean guitars and Sydney’s sensational vocals full of attitude,  and slight nasality that instantly reminded me of Amy Winehouse…especially in the structure of the song, not just how she sings it. The usage of bluesy guitars in a pop manner and how they start and stop with the vocal lines will make you groove out with the song. The drum sound is amazing too, you can feel during the verses that Sydney is crying/feeling sad over things she lost but then with the start of the chorus the strength and reassurance hit us and the vocals have a more aggressive style.

Speaking of the vocals, Sydney is a vocal beast. She has a level of agility and smoothly transitions between her registers beautifully. The way she can hold a note for a long period of time without adding vibrato or runs makes this song suitable for both blues and modern pop. The timbre of her voice lies midway between darkness and brightness, and her pronunciation is clear. The way she emphasizes certain consonants before belting out a long vowel gave me goosebumps and made me sure that Sydney will definitely have a special place among the most successful and best-selling singers of the years to come.

All in all, this is a song that works in an amazing and modern pop spectacle while keeping some influence and flavors from some other genres. While most pop singers make tracks that are tasteless nowadays, this is a song that I recommend due to its wonderful and rich taste and style.




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