Tunnel Vision by Magdalia


Magdalia’s classically strong voice returns in a mature and restrained new single that’s brooding and menacing.

Melbourne-based Magdalia is a songstress whose voice and presence have been causing considerable ripples in her local music scene for a while, since the release of her last single, Great Expectations. A talented songwriter, Magdalia’s latest single is Tunnel Vision. Written in collaboration with Elizabeth Drummond, Tunnel Vision is a song about flawed and crumbling relationships, friendships, and romances, and the bleakness of failing relationships is reflected in the song’s melancholic composition and the skeletal arrangement that easily stirs emotions. 

Tunnel Vision features at its forefront Magdalia’s dominant presence. A capable and confident singer, Magdalia’s voice sits comfortably throughout the song in the lower reaches of her register, lending an air of drama and gravity to the already understated and dark arrangement, but she does not shy away from using her impressive upper range in background harmonies on the hook. A mostly restrained song, Tunnel Vision features a mature songwriter who knows that less is most definitely more and then proceeds to utilize this principle to the letter.

On her way to becoming a truly great singer, Magdalia confidently punches upward with her latest single. Stay on the lookout for this songstress’ upcoming releases as they steadily rise in quality as Magdalia gains more and more expertise and exposure. Great things are obviously waiting for her.



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