I wonder by Fat Cat Affair


Fat Cat Affair returns with a brand new single that carries forward his signature funk-slash-blues-gospel sound with catchy grace.

The London-based artist is multidisciplinary. Fat Cat arranges, produces, and composes music, he also features amazing musicians and collaborators worldwide, using a network that can only be described as vast and expansive, the artist has lived and worked all over Europe, staying for stints in Paris, Hamburg, Warsaw, before settling in London for the time being. It’s no wonder his networking game is top-notch. 

‘I Wonder’ is a song written in remembrance of a singer that was once in Fat Cat Affair’s band. Written along with a bandmate, I Wonder features vocals from Costie Payne, recorded all the way from Japan and then shipped overseas. The music itself was recorded in the Latvian capital Riga, not the place that immediately jumps to mind when we say the words ‘blues inspired funk pop with gospel undertones’, but nonetheless, the music was recorded there and it even features some beautiful vocals from members of the Riga Cathedral Choir School. The results are not as extravagant as the geographic heritage of the song, and thankfully so. I wonder is a mostly chill number with sweet, soulful vocals from Payne, and a tight-sounding groove from some amazingly mixed, snappy drums. The choir parts are smooth and they greatly influence the “gospel” part of the song.

 I Wonder is an understated piece of sweet, sleazy (tastefully), and rich pop music with a multitude of undertones from varying genres, making it sound rich and cultured, almost as much as Mr. Fat Cat himself.



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