Ida’s Room by Beth Duke


A sentimental drive through the night in a 70’s Dodge Challenger on a deserted road while only stars shining down brightening up the road while the moon is a giant disco ball.

The Australian rising pop star Beth Duke releases her debut EP titled “Ida’s Room” in an Electro-Pop themed genre using Keys & Synths in a skilled manner casting playful, yet sad tunes.

Ida’s Room” begins with ‘Moth’ with a video game’s loading theme intro opening the entrance door to Ida’s Room.

The record is of high quality and sounds seem in tune and shape; having some catchy melodies and choruses enhancing the engagement with the beat drops.

Sometimes the electro-melodies sound a bit out of sync or on a different time signature other than the drums and seem to get out of the overall rail.

Their vocal capabilities of Beth are much like pop stars, it made me feel like this is the next Lady Gaga, in spite of not going on higher notes. But the vocals were so expressive as it sounded broken and desperate, yet hopeful and that is what the whole EP is about; overcoming hardships and breathing in life as Beth stated: “Each song talks about the hardships of life and perfectly translates difficult subject matter into rich, vibrant pop.

Listen to “Ida’s Room” and tell us who’s knocking!


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