Peaceful Monkey by Mojo X


On the 28th of September, the Brinton-based producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist Mojo X released their newest super funky track “peaceful monkey”. Mojo is again rocking the scene with the 2000’s pop-punk musical beats, sending the fans on a ride full of electronic beats along with the dancing irresistible tempo.

The super energetic beats of peaceful monkey probably came from the bustle monkeys that lay inside the Mojo x’s hearts specifically while playing some of Ableton beatbox samples from which the central loop was generated and continually evolving, as for the peaceful monkey that appears on the track’s artwork and the first 2 shocking seconds of the music, it seems to be a call for the fans’ inner bustle monkeys to get some energetic monkey-suitable vibes.

Peaceful monkey is a part of a new series of tracks that is centralized around the Chinese tea saga where all the mysteries of the very rich Chinese culture are connected starting from arts and ending with the philosophy of Taoism, mixed in a way that brings together the electronic beats of Mojo X with the Chinese musical instruments that were so clear in mojo’s “Oolong”, taking Mojo’s fans into one of the rarest musical experiences.

Although the previous productions of Mojo X have already grabbed attention leading their tracks to be featured on voice FM Southampton and the BBC that aired “Jasmine”, “Want me” and of course “Move your body”. The newest theme of the Mojo x music series seems to be the new attention grabber.

In this way, the rest of the Chinese theme tracks of the series would be odd and create different-from other tracks on the scene vibes. This is what pop-punk fans are curious about right now!


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