II. Nimbostratus by BARTOSZ LASECKI


Bartosz Lasecki is a Polish-American composer…rooted in classical and eclectic in music…he released a unique single titled “II. Nimbostratus”…and it’s heavy with storytelling.

“II. Nimbostratus” feels like a mix between a classical piece and a soundtrack…with a powerful experimental and avant-garde approach, it gels very well with the concept of the storytelling…it feels like a journey and sounds like a movie…whatever that means, you get it.

Bartosz uses classical instrumentation with woodwinds, brass sections and strings and uses them in unusual ways…sometimes it feels anthemic, sometimes it feels unsettling…

…and on top of that all, he also uses synth sounds, mixes everything together, tells a story…and gives us a very unique sonic experience.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions…one second you’re running for your life with the orchestral runs…another you’re taking your breath with a huge musical climax that has all orchestral and synth sounds come together at a peak…

“II. Nimbostratus” is an experimental storytelling piece that should be felt and lived…it’s highly recommended that…just brace yourself for the twirling of emotions you’re going to jump into.

I wish all the best to Bartosz…and we need more of this charismatic uniqueness.