Seeking to Hide by FRANK JOSHUA


Frank Joshua surprises everyone with his latest single “Seeking to Hide”, which has a very intriguing sonic world and also a very interesting and unique visual side to it…

Frank’s music is upbeat with strong storytelling elements that pop and shine in the musical progression and the melodies…

The house/pop hybrid “Seeking to Hide” is a very welcome addition to both of Frank’s catalog and our hearts too.

“Seeking to Hide” is the kind of song that you’d enjoy and it would make your day a little better…

…and this time there’s also the music video that accompanies it, which is very intriguing…

The music video has a mix of real and CGI characters sharing the screen…

…and almost every scene has an android in it…whether by themselves or interacting with humans…

The visuals are striking and intriguing…and in contrast to the music, the video is subtle, with minimal action in it while the music pumps the bass!

This contrast adds to the intrigue and also plays with the audience’s perceptions.

“Seeking to Hide” is a very enjoyable ride, with deeper meanings, especially framed in the music video…I’ll leave the interpretation to everyone who takes the plunge into the music video…it’s very fresh.

Wishing all the best to Frank. I can’t wait to see more of his works, we’re always on the lookout.


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