In the Dance by Jenni Dale Lord


Jenni Dale Lord recently released their 13-track album “In the dance”. They’re a band hailing from Lubbock, United States, and the lineup consists of Jenni Dale Lord on vocals and acoustic guitar, Aaron Dick on keys and backing vocals, Andrew Mason on bass and backing vocals, Judson Eddins on electric guitar, and finally Terry more on drums and percussion. It’s worth noting that this album was produced by the renowned producer Scott Faris.

My absolute favorite track off the album (and also the longest) is “I won’t give up”. This song made me instantly fall in love with this band! Lord’s vocals made me melt, and with the beautiful guitars, I was instantly sold. Another favorite of mine was definitely “It takes one to know one”. It reminds me of 90’s Toni Braxton, and the vocals in the song are immaculate. I loved the mellow, relaxed vibe of the song. You would probably find a couple adding this to their wedding playlist to slow dance to! One of the tracks that definitely caught my eye was “Once you go bourbon”. Smart choice to begin the album with this song, with lord’s solid vocals, paired with talented instrumentalists (and a surprise harmonica!) it was an instant sell. 

Kudos to all of the members for finding each other, and creating such beautiful creations. Jenni Dale Lord is definitely one of the vocalists that will make it big, with her emotional, heart voice, and alongside her talented band members, no wonder they garnered more than 30k streams on Spotify alone!


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