I Got the Juice by Diom


A rapper who is interested in making his own words into rap “Mohamed L. Diomande” who goes by the stage name “Diom,” started rapping at a really young age and got him all the way to where he is right now with his music career, On the 1st of July, 2022 is a new release “I Got the Juice.” “Diom” is an African artist based in Atlanta where he produces his own music and inspiration that is received in his music.

The track “I Got the Juice” has some fired-up beats that will get you off your seats and vibe to it, starting with the synchronized beating of drums then comes in the melodies of some seriousness coming in.

“Diom” raps his way in through his music and makes some dope African energy and dynamic beats, he has mixed in some African vibes and culture to it and amazingly rapping with a different language that shows his background.

The quality of being authentic in his music is truly amazing he always shows his true meanings and the story he wishes to connect to his fans and keeps his true self in each of the music that he creates.

This track will hype you up to any kind of activity you wish to have music while finishing it, the music “Diom” produces is worth listening to, and giving it a chance, it gives you some cool summer vibes.


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