Inside Out There by NO THANKS, MAN


The awesomely named musical project “No Thanks, Man” single “Inside Out There” is a…very unique experience.

Thinking about how to describe it, I always go back to the concept of ‘this can’t be put in a box with a label on it’…it’s a brilliantly conceived unique piece of musical experience…

“No Thanks, Man” comes from the brains and talents of the Texas-based artist Geraldine Espino, described as a musical vagabond, modern beatnik, and a polite revolutionary…I love how unique every aspect of the song and the artist is…

Even this uniqueness is conveyed clearly in the music production and creation of “Inside Out There”…

The music has many world influences going through it…it channels a lot of energy from around the world.

On your journey within “Inside Out There” you’ll come across so many exquisite and colorful tunes, beats, sounds, and melodies…some of them with a bit of a trippy twist…

…like the plucks that play throughout the song…there’s some trippy modulation happening there…it’s so perfect, so fitting and so effective in the mix…

Especially since Geraldine’s vocals are so smooth, so relaxing…and hold so much emotional energy to it.

The music production here is simple, unique, accessible, trippy just a bit, and feels rich…it is rich.

Soundscapes are monumental yet subtle, the reverbs are magical the mixing and mastering of the song is on another level…the music is so real you can touch it…it’s like going through a dream, a very colorful dream, flying through, extending your arms to touch new and amazing bright objects…it’s a mesmerizing experience.

Wishing all the best to Geraldine, or should I say to No Thanks, Man…” Inside Out There” is a must experience.

We can’t wait to see what comes out next from No Thanks, Man…we’re sure it’s going to be phenomenal.




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