Album: Watchful Days by Ali George


Ali George just released his 6th album to date and the last of his album trilogy; a series of three albums that capture Ali’s soul, personal life, and how he sees the world. Think of this album as the peak, the tip of the mountain, where he took us with him on a journey of discovery and admiration only to reach the final phase with “Watchful Days.”

What makes this album so special? Apart from the calmness you’ll feel once you press play and the neat, well-curated sound, this album was a dedication to Ali’s partner’s mother, who passed away recently. The songs describe some hardships the couple went through during unstable times. Most of the album was written during the pandemic and lockdown, and when the couple had to go through life-changing events and decisions.

Ali has always had a unique and authentic sound; from his calming voice to his guitar-picking techniques, his raw lyrics, and the overall mood he sets you in as a listener. He simply casts a spell on you, making you feel relaxed, serene, and still.

The melodies are simply beautiful; like the intro of “Ferns” and “Dreams Within Dreams” or like the cello part played in the background in “Hard to Find” by Beth Porter. Along with other musicians who performed on this album, Tom Allen on double bass, Dexter Selboy on trumpet and backing vocals, Jools Scott on organ, and Irakles Kopitas on bass guitar.

The album was recorded and produced in collaboration with Josh Clark at Get Real Audio Studios, who also played drums in the album.

Whenever you feel stressed or down, just put this album on and listen, I assure you this folk-acoustic artist will lift you in no time!


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