Interview With Kelley Cole

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Singer, songwriter, and producer Kelley Cole released her second single “Fantasy“, which is a great song that exceeded my expectations, and confirmed the quality and versatility of a solo artist.

From Nashville, Cole spoke to us about everything about her and her beloved art

  • Hi Kelley, what’s your story?

Hey! So happy to be chatting with you, and to be able to share my thoughts. My story starts with just a desperate love story between me and music. I grew up obsessed with the storytelling and drama of pop music. I lived for the big glamorous synth-based dance tracks of the early 2010s. The overly elaborate 10-minute music videos, The outfits, the feuds, everything. I ate up every bit of it. I started writing my own music once I convinced my parents to finally buy me a guitar in 6th grade. I think I really started to begin to understand my artistry once I began learning how to produce music. The idea of creating the tracks myself and the exploratory nature of learning something entirely new to express myself was pure magic. I’ve always wanted to build a bigger world for my songs, and that seemed like the perfect way. Nowadays I’m still as obsessed with production. I produce all my own songs and songs for other artists as well.

  • “Fantasy” is your new single – what’s the inspiration behind it?

I think everyone needs to go through heartbreak to truly know all the aspects of love. I wrote this song after learning one of the hardest parts. It was inspired from being with a person who didn’t see my worth. You can only see the truth of a situation once you’re completely removed from it. It was then I realized how poorly I was treated and how I didn’t deserve that treatment at all. I hope this song can help open other people’s eyes who might be going through the same thing and give them the confidence boost they need to get out.

  • Could you describe the songwriting/production process for this single? Who helped you create it? and when did you start working on it?

I started working on this song in December of 2019. I was still in college and was determined to get my feelings down before going home for winter break. I produced and wrote most of this song along with a few others that week I spent alone.

This song was always led by the production for me. The bad-ass feeling of the drops, the fierce guitar solo, and the roaring synths all gave me that confident feeling I craved.

After performing this song, I decided to re-work the recording, my partner and Mix Engineer Tyler Callahan stepped in to help simplify and refine the arrangement and elements.

  • tell us about the artwork and how much related to your music?

I wanted the artwork to be loud and colorful because I wanted to push myself to be the most confident and loud version of myself. This is especially true in the music video that will be released on July 8th. My director David Graham pushed me to my limits and made me focus on different aspects of my artistry. Together we created something better than I could’ve ever imagined.

  • What are the hardest and the best parts of being an artist?

The best part is the level of self-expression it has always allowed me. I feel most free writing and producing a track completely by myself and allowing so many emotions and memories to be completely felt. One of the hardest aspects is following my gut and speaking my mind as an artist. I get so distracted and focused on other people’s opinions sometimes. I need to learn how to stick to my guns and trust my voice

  • If you could change one thing in the music industry, what would it be?

The pressure on artists to constantly be creators on social media. Labels nowadays focus more on your following and social media numbers rather than your focus, drive, and talent. It’s draining on independent artists who are forced into splitting their creative time into content creation as well.

  • You get ideas from social life and relationships, so what biggest life lessons have you learned?

It’s okay to be a fool. I think it’s better to be a fool and learn lessons the hard way rather than shielding yourself from any heartbreak or failure. To be open and vulnerable takes more strength than to be hard and pessimistic.

  • For other artists just starting out, what would be your advice?

Just do shit. Put out that song. Play the show. Make some noise Do anything!

  • What do you hope your music brings in future releases?

I hope to keep creating music I love and believe in. That I keep pushing myself to new limits and learn something new with each new song.



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