Interview with Sydney Gordon


Sydney Gordon is a rising artist who’s made remarkable progress in such a short time, reaching over 62K monthly listeners on Spotify and with previous singles like “Chains” reaching over 100 K streams. “Too close” is her latest and third single released last month and already reached 69 K streams. She wrote this song alone with Ben Antelisand was produced by Mike Cortes, mixed by Tony Maserati, and mastered by Dave Kutch.


  1. You have such a powerful voice and an interesting vocal range, why did you choose the pop genre specifically?

It is my favorite genre to listen to and write. But who knows what the future may bring… I am not only a fan of pop! Haha.

  1. Your musical style and voice remind me a little of Ariana Grande, does she inspire you? If not, then who are you most influenced by?

I love Ariana! I am inspired by her as well as artists like Miley, XTina, and Demi.

  1. I love the choice of the beat in “Too close” and the edginess in the song, how did you come up with it? How do you usually come up with your melodies and musical ideas?

I wrote Too Close on my keyboard in my room. It started with the pre-chorus. I just kept hearing the melody in my head and I finally sat at my keyboard a few days later and messed around with some lyrics. When it comes to writing, I usually either sit at my piano and play around with some chords; but most of the time I will just hear melodies in my head randomly and then I will voice memo them on my phone and revisit them later.

  1. You told the story behind “Too Close” is coming from a personal experience and there was a guy you wanted to get close to but pushed away. Could you tell us what happened with him eventually?

We became good friends hahaha!

  1. Apart from singing, songwriting, and piano, do u play any other instruments?


  1. Do you have a band? Who are the members?

Yes, I do have a band, drums, bass, lead guitar, and keys!

  1. How did you become a regular at “The Bitter End”? And do you perform at any other venues?

My first performance at The Bitter End was in August of 2021, since then I have been playing there once a month! And yes, I perform throughout the greater Metropolitan New York area.

  1. Tell us more about your childhood and your relationship with your great-grandfather, did you watch him as growing up? Was he a part of your love for music?

I didn’t know my grandfather as he passed away before I was born. But he did pass on his love for music to my dad, and he was defiantly part of my own love for music!

  1. What’s next for Sydney Gordon, any upcoming albums, or performances?

YES!! I will be releasing my next single this August! Stay tuned. And I will be performing at The Bitter End on July 30th and August 27th, both shows are at 9:30.