Flirt With Disaster by Sydney Gordon


Static Impulse Records has just released “Flirt With Disaster,” the fourth song written and performed by Sydney Gordon. Static Impulse Records is the artist’s own independent record label. This new song is a synth-pop-rock tune that has an emotional undercurrent, and it features Sydney’s powerful vocals on full display throughout the entire track.

Sydney Gordon was born and raised in New York City, where she still resides. Her journey as a singer began at the tender age of 7. She later began professional vocal training at the age of 12.

Listeners are immediately drawn in by Sydney’s commanding vocals as well as the off-kilter, rock-influenced sounds of the composition. These tracks exude an undeniable sense of confidence that bodes well for the artist’s career in the years to come. Her songs have the qualities of a future hitmaker: appealing, catchy melodies and accessible lyrics. The audience is left with an everlasting impression because of her exuberant charm and attitude.

The young New York singer-songwriter continues to win fans over with the entrancing quality of her vocals, as well as with her charismatic, one-of-a-kind presence and the energy she exudes.