It’s Always Been You by Antony Alexander


Contrast always makes an impact…and always makes you think how each of the opposites really has its own special spot…night and day….loud and quiet….energetic and relaxing…

…and this is exactly why Antony Alexander’s “It’s Always Been You” has captured the essence and power of the opposites.

“It’s Always Been You” is a pumping, energetic, electronic house song that has absolutely emotional and soothing vocal lines and melodies… with such contrast, it hits hard and deep and makes such an emotional impact.

Antony is an independent music composer/producer from West Mailing, UK. He’s doing all of the artistic elements himself… that is actually a huge part of his message to musicians who may be just starting out…he preaches that you can do anything by yourself, you don’t need professional studios or huge equipment, and that sort of thing…

…he actually did the whole song on his computer, while also not using any loops!

He’s the guy that took the long hard way…but now, look at him, he can do anything and everything he puts his mind to…a true born dedicated artist….

…and speaking of Antony’s art…his latest release “It’s Always Been You” is a ‘must-listen’ for any EDM fan out there.

The production quality…all of its aspects… top-notch, from the intro chords to the synth melodies…to the introduction of the kick…and the explosive appearance of the vocals, the whole experience that Antony gives the audience through “It’s Always Been You” is an uplifting and energetic EDM hit that will find itself at home in clubs all over the world…

It was mixed and mastered by the awesome Paul Jalowiecki from Chrome Mastering in the UK.

“It’s Always Been You” also is very melodic, which will surely catch even more ears, even for people who casually listen to EDM…this is the power of its melodies.

We’re wishing Antony all the best in the world, you got fans here!


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