It’s Christmas Party Time by Mick J. Clark


Mick J. Clark‘s “It’s Christmas Party” evokes your best Christmas memories while remaining contemporary enough to entice you to play it this holiday season and create new memories with its cherry tones.

The singer/songwriter, Mick J. Clark, made his appearance in the music industry more than a decade ago. He has over 1,000,000 Spotify Streams, and his Christmas trilogy, which is featured as the last disc of his 63-disc catalog, “Is This the Best Song Catalogue Ever?” has had over 300,000 Spotify Streams.

“It’s Christmas Party Time” was recorded and released in 2012, but it has a fresh kick. From beginning to end, there is a background noise of happy humans, giving the impression of watching an old recording of family and friends gathering and having Christmassy fun.

The song is chock full of grooves that get you spiritually elated and physically busting a move. Mick J. Clark‘s vocals carry the warmth in the lyrics and the vitality in the instrumentation. He has this joyful timbre that enables him to express bright and emotive feelings in his performance.

In a way, all the instruments sound like they’re singing happily: the guitar, the bass, the drumming, and the church bells are all blending in harmony to embody the feel of a zealous heart. They’re sonically declaring that “it’s Christmas party time.” The upbeat rhythm, combined with the softhearted vocal line, embodies what Christmas is all about: an ecstatic, timeless feeling in the midst of a hectic life. 

As Christmas approaches, the first thing we need to prepare is a festive playlist. And Mick J. Clark‘s Christmas set must unquestionably be included.

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