Make It Matter by Malibu Hot Flush


From Manchester, the newly rising duo Malibu Hot Flush released their debut single ‘Make It Matter’ on the 25th of November showcasing their chemistry.

Malibu Hot Flush consists of English guitarist and singer Luigi Tiberio and Italian modular artist Tim Bleasdale. They have a unique mixture of genres blending indie, electronic post-punk, disco, new wave, industrial, and techno elements. ‘Make It Matter’ was the result of their first jam session where they unexpectedly met each other. The single can be considered as a major factor in the birth of this artistic duo.

The song was recorded by Mogwai’s producer Tony Doogan, and additions were made by Belle and Sebastian’s keyboardist Chris Geddes. The song opens with a groovy pulsing bass synth backed by an atmospheric synth and a disco beat, setting the song’s bases while giving room for both artists to get wild as the song progresses. It begins with Tiberio’s euphonic voice painting the lyrics over the music while Bleasdale fills in the gaps with catchy lead synths and industrial beats. The second verse introduces guitars starting with an echoing one-chord pattern and resonant melodic lead lines in between the verses with a long improvisation in the outro.


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