It’s Not Over by Onism E


Onism E is one of the acts that were capable of pointing at a problem you face, and they just come over and put their hands on your shoulder to reassure you. Yeah! ‘It’s Not Over’ is definitely one of those songs. 

The award-winning trio, Onism E, revives the 90s spirit in a great modern way. I can tell you that they are one of the few, who are keen on the details. For example; Chris ‘Lefty’ Vargas guitar tone, along with the powerful emotive vocals by Eline Chavez, and a tight drum structure by Raj Arenas put you in a mood of an indie, bluesy, and soul rock mix.  

Back to Eline, actually, her voice to me is like a mix of the iconic names of rock and country music on top I would say, Bonnie Raitt and Joan Jett. I don’t know how she is doing it but her voice is so romantic and strong at the same time. THIS IS ICONIC!

A song about the struggle to stay present and strong during these difficult times. These days it just seems to keep delivering punches.” – the band explained. Aren’t we all struggling every day, and sometimes we just struggle to complete the day? This song is like fuel to help out to keep going. Thank you, guys! I cannot wait for your next release, and please… Keep rockin’!