Neon Sunrise by The Bergamont


The lead single from Brooklyn-based duo The Bergamont‘s latest album is called “Neon Sunrise”. The single and its accompanying music video draw many influences from many different places. Some synth and keyboard sounds are very futuristic and modern-sounding just like chamber-pop songs and movie scores, while the guitars, bass, and drums have a more alternative rock feeling to them. The warm and comforting way Nathaniel and Jillian share the vocal duties makes you feel like you’re floating among the clouds as they charm you with their lyrics and soothing chord progression. One of the guitars sounds like an acoustic and another one has a delay effect, which adds some Art-Rock and Psychedelic vibes as well.

It seems to me that these guys have something for everyone to enjoy, especially when the song begins with the chorus and repeats it quite a few times without feeling bored or repetitive. This is probably given way to by the gradual way every new sound or instrument was added. The second most interesting aspect of the song for me, after the vocals, was the lo-fi guitar solo which was short, brief, and impactful at the same time. Nathaniel and Jillian followed this solo and outro with the phrase “Neon Sunrise” and the song ends right there instead of repeating the chorus once more, which was a great decision in my opinion.

To sum it all up, these two musicians have a bunch of varied tricks up their sleeves, and this single is a great choice to showcase some of them in a way that will make you want to listen to the rest of their album. The accompanying music video has some positive scenes that go along with the lyrical theme very well. These two have just had the chance to be the opening act for The Barenaked Ladies as well as premiering their feature-length documentary “State of Unity” at the Heartland International Film Festival. It seems like only good things are happening to these guys and I wish them all the best as they grow and evolve with other albums, live shows, and media projects.