It’s Who You Are by Tally Koren

Rupert Truman

Artist Tally Koren based in London, released an uplifting and hugely inspirational pop song called ‘ Who you are’, a great outake on commercial music with a new sound for us, on the 18th of November. Koren is an independent artist who is a fringe award winner for best singer and songwriter in 2011. She loves to inspire people to shine and embrace who they are with no apologies. She produced her new track along with Phil Curran, featuring the up and coming billboard charted rapper Chillz Muzzic. 

Absolutely motivational and profoundly different than any commercial music so far, this song is about being yourself and the destiny that follows it. But Tally reminds us that it’s what we do that creates this ultimate path. The overall sound of the song is bright with a sexy undertone. The soundscape is pop with hints of synth dreamy sound effects at the back that create subtle softness to the pop genre. The melody is soaring with high spirits and a medium pace. The musical arrangement is simple yet powerful in conveying the message and overall aesthetic of the song with Tally’s voice. There are prominent drums that hit only once leading the beat and light piano rhythms. The rapping definitely gives a nice edge to the song and the vocals are strong and clear, Tally’s voice is also very soothing. Hit the play button for a different pop taste.