Filofax by ROGUE FX


The post-modern age scammers and the 80’s classic electro synth-wave mashed up in a single production.

The 80’s inspired synth-pop artist Rogue FX from Durham, UK released a brand new track titled “Filofax” that demonstrates the financial greed a person might be and mixing it with some dance upbeats with synths all over the place and electro-pop dance melodies.

The track is a criticism for those who are willing to do anything to make more money at all costs, as the track begins with an arcade video game theme sound casting a theme that it’s a race and that person must win it.

Bass and synth surely dominate the overall sound of the track keeping the general vibe of electro music, with vocals having an influence of a semi-robot effect boosting the 80’s electro-pop vibe, but I believe that vocals needed a bit of a touch of modernity to it to make it sound newer and to make the listener not to question the release date of this track if it was released in the 80’s or not; an auto-tune effect for instance.

Play the track and tell us what you think.