Jack Howard to release brooding single ‘Falling’


Receiving acclaim from across the industry, the press, radio and editorials all tagging him as a rising star, Jack Howard is an exciting new talent whose move from his hometown of Portsmouth to London has seen him set alight iconic venues and secure spots at essential UK festivals. Introspective, thoughtful themes permeate throughout his music, captivating a growing fanbase.

Tagged to be the final unveiling before his anticipated debut EP, Jack Howard has revealed his new single ‘Falling’. A roaring, soulful anthem that falls right in line with the sound of the summer for the UK’s vibrant, jazz, neo-soul and indie-pop scene. The balance of live and electronically produced is taken with clear intention, the emotion peaking through smooth production and momentous arrangements.

With a chorus with more captivating power than most songwriters can manage, Jack finds his feet, his confidence and a new sense of grit. The pulsating bass hits, unstoppable drums and expressive cries all come together to craft an evocative experience which will no doubt cause the final rise of buzz around Jack Howard before his forthcoming project.

Jack shares the themes behind the release, “Falling is about cutting someone loose who is dragging you down into the darkness with them. This was one of the last songs I wrote on the EP and it only took about 20 mins to create the whole thing. I was on my guitar and I just heard this choir sing FAALIng in my head. I based the whole song around the one word and all these feelings I’d had locked up for so long finally came rushing out.”

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