Chloe Star releases her infectious debut EP ‘the bed i lie in’


Vocalist, songwriter, visual artist and indigenous tribal advocate based in the city of Los Angeles. Finding her place in music by transforming poetry and journaling into exciting music and thoughtful lyricism, Chloe’s chaotic childhood continues to feed into her music, with her relatability building a connected fanbase.

Raw and passionate are the two words that come to the forefront of discussions around Chloe Star‘s latest EP ‘the bed i lie in’. Pure energy appears in every element, with roaring distortion layering for a wall of sound pushing every track into the stratosphere. Though each bit of instrumentation lies in the category of heavy rock, Chloe’s vocals help to guide the sound into the realm of contemporary pop. Maintaining the sense of fury the backdrop brings, her vocals are flowing and infectious across the project, with subtle cues bringing nostalgia and familiarity into the unique sounds. With an audience as loyal as Chloe’s, and an artist so passionate about building a community alongside her music, the artist crafts a perfect statement to the world, unapologetic in her sound and her feelings, proving vulnerable and confident aren’t mutually exclusive feelings.

“Loneliness, heartbreak, overcoming addiction, and just life, is the bed i lie in,” Chloe explains, “This is my most authentic piece of work that I have ever written. Being able to put my heart and soul into this project has been so healing for me on so many levels. I am officially walking in my truth and can now shut the door on the bed i lie in.”

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