Joy (In My Own Time) by DAMIEN


Sometimes some of us find ourselves forced to mingle with the crowd, or else we’re classified as outsiders. But who said that one couldn’t be happy on their own? Why does society put peer pressure on individuals, making them anxious? DAMIEN uses his relevant experience in crafting “Joy (In My Own Time)” to tell others that they can embrace their own company, have hope, and not be submitted to the default format of joy.

“Joy (In My Own Time)” is an electronic moving track fused with another musical influence, weaved through a balanced light and dark rhythmic canvas, and drawn from DAMIEN’s own experience of pursuing self-affirmation and self-love and fighting inner demons and outer demons of society’s sick limitations.

The Ipswich darkwave musician and producer DAMIEN made this single in collaboration with the Redcliffe social enterprise “Tribe Clubhouse”, who are presently raising funds to buy a community van that can be used to collect isolated and fringe dwelling individuals and physically transport them to a place of connection and belonging. This illustrates the entire notion of the track and how DAMIEN has a message to spread and support.

The fresh number starts with a light yet fussy intro, which gives the exact mood of the song as a whole right from the start. The chorus immediately draws one in and hypnotizes them once the vocals enter, making them want to sing along. The vocal line exudes a proud, self-assured attitude, which splendidly captures the notion.

The nuances here and there and the layered sensitivities produce a captivating, contagious, yet mystic atmosphere. The cheery beat and fervent drumming convey an optimistic feel and help to lift the listeners’ own spirits. Then to add even more spice, the bassline offers intense, heavy melodies to arouse strong emotions. The overall sound and performance portray the story of someone being in the depths of despair, accepting it, and then rising to the peak of hope and felicity.

Enjoy the distinct listening experience of this one-of-a-kind artist’s genuine work of art!