Just Forget It by MN Moder


MN Moder, songwriter and hip hop artist, squeezes a fresh produce of soulful hip hop with his latest single release, titled Just Forget It.

Based in Duluth, Minnesota, MN Moder is a relatively fresh face in the hip-hop scene, having started professionally producing music at 18 years old. Having already released a handful of singles since 2019, MN Moder has kept a consistent style and color to his releases, and his latest follows suit.

Just Forget It is a laid-back piece of hip-hop music with essential soul sensibilities flowing right through it, for a final result that’s chill and smooth. The percussion, delivered by snappy, programmed trap beats sounds tight and punchy, and the spacey, processed synth that provides the chords is a fitting choice for the general mood of the tune, which is sensual and soothing, in spite of the sad lines that MN Moder lays down. The vocal layering is beautifully done, and the sparse arrangement is effortlessly filled up by several layers of Moder’s characterful vocals

Just Forget It is a song of pure, unadulterated soul vibes that will be easy to get into and to love for all lovers of the genre.