Love You More by Kristina Lachaga


“Love You More” is a song that pop singer-songwriter Kristina Lachaga wrote spontaneously and easily to describe an ever-growing love that increases day by day. The way the song is fluid and easy to follow speaks volumes of how great of a writer Kristina is. Let’s go into some details…

The song is relatively short (just twenty seconds shy of being 3 minutes), but that’s a means of showing its message and emphasizing the emotional delivery.

The song begins with a soft and uplifting acoustic guitar chord progression, followed by Kristina’s amazing vocals. She sings her lines softly in an airy, breathy, and super romantic way. It’s rare to find a love song that sounds as sincere and touching as this one. The song slowly gains some pace and energy but remains soft and somber throughout its length.

Kristina’s voice has a very characteristic color and a bright tone. The way she moves between the register and makes them all feel connected and full is beyond me…I love her technique and feeling. I recommend this song to anyone who thinks that no more good love songs exist anymore…I’m sure this’ll change your mind. 


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