Keep your head up by Tilla


Hamburg based German artist Tilla, a chameleon musician that not only has a multicolored and multi-dimensional musical presence, he also fuses all colors of the spectrum to create new musical colors…his latest psychedelic single “Keep Your Head Up (I’m A Mermaid)” is out and ready to be consumed artistically…top not flavor.

Finding and crafting his own voice and musical presence, Tilla has a very unique presence…with the distorted and ambient vocals mixed with groovy beats and trippy melodic music structure, Tilla has a unique artistic fingerprint that reflects his identity…and one which you can not find anywhere else…a trippy, melodic, groovy musical journey.

“Keep Your Head Up” is a treasure chest of all that defines Tilla…the ambient vocals…the groovy beats and also the groovy synths, both add to the movement and flow of the song…then add some mesmerizing soundbeds that filled every little nook and cranny of our ears and souls.


The bass line adds a lot to the groove of the song…which is also has a very trippy premise, it speaks to the universal struggle of breaking free from the chains of the past….add on top of it all that groove and pulsating exhilaration and you got yourself an explosive entry in the music world.


A very ‘alive’ song for sure…”Keep Your Head Up” is a must listen, not for trippy, entrancing or groovy music fans…but to anyone who likes great melodies and a mood-setting kind of songs…this is it.

Wishing Tilla all the best and can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

We’ll be on the lookout…


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