Ride by J Lym


There is something inexplicably addictive about J Lym’s latest single ‘Ride’. A certain eccentric, fragmented, loosely intact and in immediate danger of crumbling. Like a glued together monstrosity with a particular gravity and attitude that left me thirsty for more after its little more than two minutes runtime was done.


Brooklyn based experimental musician and producer J Lym is back after a yearlong hiatus since his latest EP release ‘How To Say Goodbye To Memories’. Returning with what seems like a million tiny samples from the bustling Jakarta soundscape, ‘Ride’ is a tiny but massive piece of hip hop that sees real life clacks, bangs, screeches, and scrapes blend with a beefy, acidic synth bass line for a potent dose of character. J Lym’s boldly out-there vocals and humorous choice of ragtime piano samples do a terrific job in heightening just how blindingly weird this cut is.


Saying that ‘Ride’ is a good song would be kind of a lame understatement as well as an objectively incorrect choice of words. Instead, we’ll say that ‘Ride’ piqued our curiosity and left us with a healthy amount of tasty, unanswered questions. Thanks J Lym.


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