Kiey releases delicate new single ‘white boy i sat next to on the plane’


Born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, but first taking music seriously when he attended King’s College London, Kiey first debuted with the 2019 self-produced debut ‘Night To Myself’. The project showcased the artist as forward-thinking with his production style, creating intricate melodies from the little equipment he had access to. Kiey’s second album ‘Sunday Sanctuary’ continued with the same innovation, delving into electro-pop soundscapes. Since then, Kiey has released his Vietnamese single ‘Mê Cung, put together an art exhibition to feature his music and performed with My Linh on stage.

Now teasing his third full-length outing, Kiey recently released the single ‘white boy i sat next to on the plane’, a poignant and emotional single drenched in wistfulness and ethereality. We are brought along a journey through well-penned storytelling, backdropped by delicate piano melodies and warm string arrangements. Echoey percussion further pushes the empty feeling Kiey portrays, instead filling the soundscape with haunting vocal harmonies that glide through the music. It’s heartfelt from start to finish, and once again shows Kiey’s ear for sleek experimentation.

Kiey dives into the new single, ”’white boy i sat next to on the plane”’(yes the title is that long) first came to me during many of my working trips to Sapa, Vietnam. I already had this addictive piano riff in my Google drive that I kept playing over and over, thinking how to make a song over it. Bits and pieces of the melody were already forming in my mind but it was still incomplete because I didn’t know what the subject of the song should be. It wasn’t until when I was on a flight back to HCM, where I saw a beautiful guy sitting across the aisle that it dawned on me the idea of the song title! I quickly wrote the lyrics down over a couple of days and when it was finished, I was so excited because it came out exactly as I imagined it!”

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