Merlot Embargo releases inspirational single ‘Paper Thin’


Merlot Embargo, comprised of duo Scarlet and Geoff, was born out of a period of self-reflection following a new fatal car accident. They’re inspired creative energy has led to nearly a decade of releases from the pair, all recorded in their home studio in LA. Performing across Southern California, Merlot Embargo are currently teasing an upcoming second album, anticipated by both fans and tastemakers.

Their most recent single arrives as a collaboration with fellow LA native Jessica Gerhardt, who performs both on her ukulele and vocally on the track. ‘Paper Thin’ is a song of self-love and empowerment, with driving and motivation rhythms playing into the heartfelt writing present throughout. The vocals are soaring and inspiring, dancing through each melody with a flowing ease. The instrumentation is bright and powerful, with plucky chords and rich drums all feeding into the atmosphere of self-love that the track creates and gives to the listener.

The duo explain the track, “Paper Thin is about how we talk to our reflections in the mirror. We are often much kinder to others than to ourselves. We wouldn’t stand for that treatment coming from anyone else, but somehow when it comes from us, we allow for so many abuses.”

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