kill me slowly by deeprest


What makes a track distinct amidst many others is how organic it sounds, how well-crafted it is, whether it’s made to express or sell, and, for a special bond, how personal it is. At least that’s what I think. That’s why deeprest is a genuine artist; he knows how to highlight his musical prowess, sounding like no one else, and he uses introspective, relatable themes that the listener can see themselves in.

“kill me slowly” is the Denver-based artist’s latest release and the reason why I established the opinion above about deeprest. Even before I listened to the song, I admired his creative stage name, and this was the first indicator that I’m in awe of this inventive musician. After listening to the track, I instantly saw how the name is well-suited to his sound and signature.

The 2:17-minute single carries an interesting pack of genres more than you can imagine; it’s a hip-hop track that fuses in its layers pop, rock, psychedelic, post-punk, and emo with a retro yet futuristic execution. So whatever your bias is, you’ll appreciate this work’s smooth sensitivity.

The vocals convey the complex emotion in the lyricism, of the genre verity, and offer their own hard-hitting attitude. It goes well with the instrumentation, especially the straightforward percussion and the spooky synth line. On the other hand, I find the lyrics thought-provoking; they have a sense of carefreeness and freedom yet a propensity for nihilism. Either way, I know that many will find them reflective of some thoughts in their depths.

deeprest is drawing his own vibe and inviting you to enjoy his equally energetic and edgy musicality. Be ready to feel a little exposed and to sway with the flow.


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