Later by Sealy Troh


The heart skips a beat, the stomach aches, the mind goes dreamy, and one has a euphoric aura. That’s mainly what happens when one is emotionally attracted to someone, and their eyes rain affection and their lips unconsciously smile whenever they see them. Sealy Troh’s “Later” captures how it feels to have a crush on someone with his dope beats.

Hip-hop love songs have a different flavor than love songs from other genres. The Los Angeles-based musician, Sealy Troh, nailed cooking that sweet taste in his banger, “Later.” It has everything it takes to be a hit: sentimental lyrics, popping beats, layered, playful vocals, and Infinite1ne’s production that makes all of the elements stand out.

Humans’ emotions are never stable; they vary, change, and shrink or grow. Sealy described them best in his line, “It’s a crazy ride, it’s a rollercoaster.” And when you’re captivated by someone, you get an emotion shake in your heart that you get addicted to its flavor and think, “She’s the only one that I can’t get over.”

The single is driven by catchy hooks that hypnotize one to dance, just as love does. Also, the energy of the track matches the feelings it portrays, and that showcases Sealy’s musicianship and proves that he’s going by his words, “Rapping is a do-it-yourself genre. If your lines or lyrics are weak then that’s on you. I wanted something that made me responsible for who I am. Where I could rely on myself to show up.” 

“Later” is an easy-listening song to sing along to, vibe to, dance to, and relate to. Sealy Troh is a genuine artist who builds his artistic identity based on what he believes and cares to use his charismatic vocals and creative lyrics to deliver explicitly and brighten up songs, like “Later,” so everyone can enjoy them.


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