All I Want by Echo & Bloom

Paul Bender

After a hiatus, the duo Echo & Bloom are back with “All I Want,” a single that gathers summer and winter vibes with its both fresh and warm ambiance.

Tayla Thomas and Mat Dwyer are the Melbourne-based Indie Pop duo known as Echo & Bloom. They have a hypnotic Dream Pop sound that elevates the mood.

“All I Want” starts with the perfect use of the electric element that creates a mellow, dreamy intro that instantly puts a smile on one’s face. Tayla has such a silky, cheerful voice with a peaceful, cozy effect, and although she’s the vocalist here and Mat is the producer, his backing vocals add softness and lightness. Their vocal lines together have an affectionate harmony that makes each line in the lyrics honest.

Vocals, lyrics, rhythms, arrangement, and production all build a vibrant atmosphere. Even the artwork sends one’s mind to a better place. The chorus is addictive and urges you to mumble along. The short solo part bursts with more energy, and as the single is coming to an end, it sets an outro that matches the intro: serene and joyful.

This is just a glimpse of what to wait for. “All I Want” is part of the upcoming EP, “Colours in Motion.” And for now, I know that we should expect colors, warmth, and delight.

What’s made with passion delivers passion. Close your eyes and sway to the “All I Want” melodies, letting them take you to where you truly desire.


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