Eric Dolan

A lot of things tend to gravitate towards being “indie” nowadays. Indie shirts, indie cafes, indie films, and most certainly indie music. Not to label it in a derogatory way or anything, but being independent is certainly a very admirable way to go about doing your thing. But in traffic jam, good “indie” can get lost in the noise. This song, though, should be kept and remembered.

From Ottawa is Wotts, our artist for today, an indie rock and pop band with a hot new single for the summertime… “LEMONADE”. A rich and lush pop gem about not giving up on your significant other when things go dark every once in a while. Suitable themes in time for the upcoming summer days.

What immediately sets the mood is a very quirky synth line that plays a liquid-y note stab arrhythmically, throwing us off and making the whole vibe slightly off-balance and energetic. The warm mix is a definite point toward the genuine indie-ness of the number. Roomy and tight drums meet bouncy bass that plays minimally but with definite expertise. The keys build an atmosphere that’s life-size and took me to an era that I have never even experienced, maybe the 80s? The vocals feel cyclic, and a distinct repeating melody isn’t easy to recognize thanks to all the idiosyncrasies from the keys and the rhythm section. This, along with a chord progression that seems to move freely all over the place, all lend themselves to creating a vibe that’s essentially how it feels to run on hot sand at the beach before going for a salty dip in the sea, free, vibrant, alive, and extremely fun!

Wotts definitely won me over with everything in this hidden treasure, and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us for the winter.


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