Eric Dolan

The duo of Jayem and Ricky 100 make up the indie band, “Wotts.” After their two hits, “LEMONADE” and “6 Shooter,” they’re coming back with their mood booster, “NO TAKE BACKS.”

Delivering a significant, positive message to people doesn’t have to be in an intense, serious manner. It can be delivered along with bringing a smile to the face, and that’s the motto Wotts are following. In their single, “NO TAKE BACKS,” they’re spreading the awareness that we shouldn’t let other people bring us down and interfere with our lives by addressing these people themselves and telling them boldly, “Don’t stop coming for me” through groovy rhythms and bright vibes.

Wotts are an unusual kind of Indie Pop duo. They have developed a distinctive sound that could possibly serve as their trademark. Once you hear “NO TAKE BACKS,” you’ll notice the influence of nostalgia. However, the track is drenched in a modern spirit. Their peculiar Pop sound is infused with Electronic and Psychedelic elements.

Putting you in the mood, the song kicks off vividly with the chorus. The instrumentation is one of the elements that play a key role in boosting a vintage vibe and making you picture yourself at an 80’s dance party. The cheery, stellar synth, bright, rich bass, and dynamic drums create such a sparkly, lusty, bouncy vibe.

The single feels like it has more than a colliding wave, as there’s so much going on in the background, yet it’s not a bad thing at all. On the contrary, it’s the thing that’s making it burst with enthusiasm. Vocally, Jayem has a voice that merges well with both music and lyrics. He’s adding more fun to the inspirational, joyful lyrical and sounds as part of the melody that urges you to groove along. 

“NO TAKE BACKS” is a song that you can hear at anyplace, anytime, any state of mind and it will put you in a good mood for a while and help you sway a little.


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