Life Soaked Reveal (feat. Ben Tenison) by Genevieve Sovereign


Genevieve Sovereign based in Melbourne, Australia, releases yet again another emotional and passionate song as a part of her series of collaborations that she continues to create with artist Ben Tenison. On the 25th of December, they released a beautiful and sensational track called ‘Life soaked reveal’; a magical electronic track that is dedicated to their late producer and friend Luke Paulding. Genevieve mentions that Luke is the one who helped set the path to her musical career and journey to becoming the great independent artist she is, and she felt the need to create a song that explains how she feels about this human connection.

The song is a bunch of tingling sensations that will fill up your body and soul; you can feel the passion, emotion, and sadness somehow. We feel like, although the song is for a sorrowful cause, it still is embellished with beautiful and angelic vibes that are just shining through the soul of Luke. The overall sound is ethereal and mellow. The musical arrangements are rich and complex, with a magical and light electronic soundscape like fairies dancing on the beat. You will also feel a hint of the electronic sound of the early 2010s. The track has a stretch of xylophone and what seems to be piano sound effects that give a very fantasy-like feel. The instruments and sounds feel like they are rippling through the dimension. There is also some bass that gives an edgy vibe. The vocals of Genevieve are angelic and high-pitched in such a way that makes you feel the intensity of her emotional status. Ben’s voice is deep and mesmerizing. You cannot miss listening to this song because it’s a truly golden dedication to somebody you may have lost.



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