Pricelless by Proklaim

Ravianus Shambeni

Rappers who deliver slaying performances but are poor lyricists, in my opinion, have songs that are hollow and could only work well as danceable material. Rappers like Proklaim, on the other hand, are what give Hip-Hop its profundity and make it maintain the art of the street soul, which offers to be a voice for others.

The Namibia-based rapper Proklaim began his musical journey right after he finished college, drawing influences from legends like Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Big Pu, Nas, and Lauryn Hill. He is such a priceless artist who pays attention to each component of his tracks, especially the deep, introspective lyrics, and that’s why it suits him best to craft a single titled “Priceless.”

“Priceless” is the track that Proklaim chose to end the year with, precisely on Christmas. It’s an easygoing, melodic tune with a solid rapping performance. The neo-trap number conveys the mind of a dreamer with reflective lyricism. With only the chorus lyric “I just wanna make my way,” the artist captures what most ambitious people want, and he keeps up the same pace with understandable yet clever lyrical content.

The beats are smooth to complement the bars and the tightly packed delivery. Proklaim’s powerful writing is his trademark, but he also sings with a natural flow bar after bar with an incredible grasp; he controls his breath well and knows when to sound dreamy and when to sound savage.

It’s priceless to see yourself walking the path you dreamed of, and “Priceless” below soulfully illustrates this journey. If you’re a rap fan, you’ll definitely choose this track to walk the road with you.





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