The Golden Boy is back! After taking a short pause, the Pop/Hip-Hop/Rap artist “Young God Blow” is coming back strong with an energetic, delightful, and yummy love song. “Lil Mama” is ready to be played on repeat by two birds in love.

“Lil Mama” was the fruit of the brief hiatus, as YGB filled his thirst for inspiration with love of all kinds; love for the hyper-pop/rap style; love for creating genuine music; love for energetic lyrical prowess; and love for his girlfriend, whom he wrote the songs for.

I’m not easily attracted to love songs, but what’s great about “Lil Mama” is that the love is truly bursting out of it. It features YGB’s girlfriend with silky, smooth vocals on the chorus. R.L. Beats made bouncy, catchy beats that align with the single’s vibes. Young God Blow’s vocals are cheerful, warm, and showcase the affection in the lyrics. The bars rhyme ideally like ear-candy, and the endearing lyrics are perfect to show your love for your partner.

“You keep fillin’ me up with butterflies 

I get lost in yo eyes feeling a spark ignite”

Can you imagine being on the dance floor, dancing with your partner and knowing that this is how you both feel towards each other? It’s a heavenly sentiment. Be careful, this one is infectious, and by play two, you’ll find yourself singing: “My heart kept following you, when you fell from the sky.”

“Lil Mama” is just one of many singles and an EP planned for the rest of the year by the talented musician. So, listen to the song below and stay tuned for more dope work!


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