LOLO (feat. Chockie Gabbana) by DJ Zenas


Summer has started and we’re all working on that perfect summer playlist to play during that road trip or fire up those beach parties with or even a pool party with some friends, well this song will make it to the top of that playlist. DJ Zenas and Chockie Gabbana released their latest single that is worthy of calling the “summer anthem”. DJ Zenas who is originally from Denver and is currently based in Dallas since 2019 has built an impressive resume in a short time where he collaborated with talented musicians and producers like Jon-John Robins the multi-talented producer who has produced several projects like The Black Sands soundtrack. He has also been releasing his originals since 2020 with more than 8 single releases to date. 

It starts with a very interesting introduction of announcing the DJ’s name and Chockie’s with a fun lip trill and a simple chord progression played by strings sound effects. The song has context, and different lyrical parts in each verse, it’s not repetitive in any way and with a catchy chorus, and a dynamic beat that will trigger you. It’s a love song with an African vibe; mixing dancehall elements, hip hop/rap aesthetics, and afro beats. This is the result you get when two talented artists are in sync; DJ Zenas reached out to Chockie through Instagram when he came up with the beat as he felt this Nigerian artist will be the perfect fit and give it the exact flavor it needs. From that moment, it all fell into place so fast and just became effortless, with the help of the NYC-based mixer and mastering engineer Nacor who helped bring this track to life, and the incredible artwork done by graphic designer Athena Efthimiopoulou was the cherry on top to make this a hit track. So, as you curate your summer playlist, don’t forget to add “LOLO” and dance away.


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