Confide by Moosa Saleem


After getting his music played by a number of radio shows, and producers and getting support from Nicky Romero and Alok, Mumbai-based Indian artist/songwriter Moosa Saleem will take us on a journey about one of our modern-day struggles in his new single “Confide”. With lyrics about how we often feel lost and lose our sense of identity throughout this chaotic world that we live in, combined with Moosa Saleem’s expressively dreamy voice I guess we’re in for a treat.

Moosa Saleem opens “Confide” with some mellow acoustic guitar chords before stepping in with his soothing vocals. The ambient effect and floating guitar licks that accompany Saleem’s vocals in the verse gave it depth and made it shine as he smoothly leads us to the chorus. Moosa Saleem softly lures us into a breezy bright chorus with his fluid vocals and some sliding bass and vocal harmonies. What I liked the most about “Confide” is how Moosa Saleem uses his voice to lead the whole song’s dynamics, he’s steering it to wherever he wants it to go smoothly and softly adding effects and guitar melodies and licks at the perfect timing showing a good eye on details and beautiful sense of mood, I deeply felt his lyrics and his music gave a feeling of wandering and uncertainty that I loved.

“Confide” is a beautiful mellow tune from Moosa Saleem with bright melodies and dreamy vocals that felt like it was floating throughout the song. It has a smooth flow that’ll keep you refreshed and I believe will leave you too looking forward to more from Moosa Saleem. Cheers!