Looking Forward To Looking Back – A Decade Of Only Child Album Review


With 4 albums, 3 EPs, a live record, and 10 years of gigging and recording music under their belt, Liverpool-based folk ensemble Only Child released their 1st vinyl LP “Looking Forward To Looking Back – A Decade Of Only Child” via Crosstown Records and with songs remastered by Pete Maher (U2).

 so let me tell you how it goes, 

The record kicks off with the mellow, prayer-like “Only Child”, its mellow flow and emotional melodies put me in an instant chilling mood and sets the tone for what to expect. “Lookin’ for a Song” has a more open sound, beautiful vocal harmonies, and lovely arpeggios and guitar melodies that whispered life into the lyrics. Taking us into a more groovy area comes “Everybody Comes From Something”, it has some bittersweet hopeful melodies with colorful sounds and playful dynamics. With a heart-hitting emotional melody, “Scouse” starts. It has time-traveling folky melodies with perfect instrumentation harmonies and layering in a beautifully arranged fluid dynamic structure. “Bruce” cement’s Only Child’s americana roots with a classic groove and sound before getting into the rocking “William Ralph Dean”. “William Ralph Dean” has loads of influences perfectly mashed together, it has pounding drums and rocking riffs alongside folky melodies in yet another dynamic entertaining structure with a super catchy flow. “North John Street” steers the album into a slower area with some psychedelic mood and a poetic vocal delivery, it sheds more light on Only Child’s unique songwriting, definitely one of my favorites. “…And The Band Played On” is a beautiful rock n roll appreciation ballad with awesome vibes and an easy-going floating flow. “Accidental Englishman” is one of Only Child’s well-written classic folky tunes mixed with some country vibes with yet another chilling mellow mood. Only Child ends the record on a high note with the festive western swaying tune “Straight Lines”. It has beautiful vibes with a big sound fitting for a movie soundtrack or something, loved its flow and layering and how it came to end the record in a way that made me play it all over again. 

“Looking Forward To Looking Back – A Decade Of Only Child” is a solid entertaining record with diverse influences and skilled music writing. I liked the dynamics of the whole record and how the tracks were arranged in a way that keeps you focused with smooth twists and turns here and there. Looking forward to more from Only Child, cheers!


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