Interview With Maddisun


We are here with Maddisun, a singer/songwriter from British Columbia. She released her new album “Home Is Where The Music Is”, which is just a concoction of genres to match Maddisun’s fluid range. Let’s dive right into the interview.

  1. I love how you spell your name “Maddison”, what made you opt for “Maddisun” instead of the traditional spelling of the name?

I was asked this question at a show recently! I remember I chose this when I was living in Ireland, it kinda just came to me. It’s evolved into more of a theme now though, I’m a really “sunny” and happy/positive person, so it fits with my personality and music too 🙂

  1. Who mixed and mastered your album?

Nick Noto of PSY Sound. The production company I worked with out in Los Angeles!

  1. Who are your musical influences? Do you think they played a part in your new album?

Some of my musical influences are Maggie Rogers, Sheryl Crow, Joni Mitchell, The Band, Elvis, Shania Twain, Amy Winehouse, and Heart…. to name a few! Lots of classics, so it definitely comes out in my music. The country also comes out a little with Sheryl/Shania/Dolly too! The soul comes out on this new album as well, that’s Elvis and Amy in there.

  1. I know that COVID really affected everyone but especially musicians. How has COVID affected your music and your touring?

It definitely affected my ability to even book shows, when everything was completely shut down.

Since then, things have just been less consistent, and the pay structure has changed it seems. Gigs are still getting canceled, especially if I or anyone is sick – it seems to be taken more seriously now (I think that could in fact be a good thing). I’ve definitely tried to power through a gig even when I was sick in the past!

  1. Tell us more about your new album, what was the inspiration behind the name?

“Home Is Where The Music Is” is a very special album and concept for me. I used to live abroad in Ireland, and I went back there to do some songwriting for this album. Then I recorded the album in L.A, and have since been touring all over Canada and the USA.

Sometimes the concept of home gets a bit fuzzy, and I feel a disconnect, but when I can play music, write, or just listen, I feel at home again. This album is really a lot about “coming home to myself”

  1. Will there be a tour for your album release?

I’m on tour right now! All over Canada and then into the United States. Follow here!

There’s also a video release! My new video for “Running” – one of the songs on the album – was just released.

Watch it here:

  1. Where was your album recorded?

In Los Angeles, California! It was incredible to be out there in such a heavy musical/artistic city while recorded. It kept me really inspired. Every day there was dialed up to like 10, just non-stop. The album was recorded in only 12 days!


  1. How do you feel your life changed after the success of your debut album “Self Reflections” which garnered you over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone?

That was back in 2020, and things were slow due to COVID, so honestly it was a really hard time to release an album. Things really started to change when I toured “Self Reflections”, and started playing with a band, booking festivals, and travelling again. So I feel my first album gave me a really good foundation to build on, and I still love it so much.