Lost In You by Alex Kate

Freddie Reed

Alex Kate returns with another stunning pop love song that’s dreamy, airy, sensual, and poetic.

After the success of her last single, ‘One Plus One’, Kate is back with ‘Lost In You’. Inspired by a murder documentary that Alex watched one evening and then directly started working on this piece, the song is a delicate and airy love story that’s got absolutely nothing to do with murders. The vast space in this song has the massive reverb on the keyboards to thank. Alex Kate’s vocal delivery is as delicate and as confident as ever, with impressive control and a masterful performance overall. The driving rhythms and the throbbing bass give the song an adventurous yet comfortable and reassuring feeling, exactly like a road trip in a cabriolet with a lover. The words compliment that perfectly, beautiful and heartfelt, proving that very little hits like a love song does.

 Lost In You maintains Alex Kate’s streak of heartwarming, pop love songs. Beautifully sung, written, and arranged, there’s very little to complain about. If you’re okay with beautiful pop tunes singing about a beautiful love story in a beautiful way, you’ll love this song.


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