Love is Blind by Ruiz!


Ruiz says about himself that he’s quite the newcomer to the whole scene of writing and producing songs, but for such a fresh face, his latest single, titled Love is Blind, is catchy, dynamic, and fun.

Ruiz! is the moniker for Hugh Ruiz Robert, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, Sheffield-based, Barcelona born. Having started his musical journey during the lockdown, Ruiz has so far released eight singles, and ‘Love is Blind’ is his ninth. The sound on his latest single is energetic and creates a fuss in the room with its rowdy guitar riffs, and Britpop-inspired, swaggering vocal delivery. Love is Blind is about the realization that true love is a matter of effort and intention, and that adult life, with its melodrama and responsibilities, is ought to change our perspectives, changing our perspectives over our relationships, thus challenging them, and here Ruiz asks a simple question; why can’t just make it easier on each other.

The sound of the single is fun. A cut of rowdy synthpop with a healthy dose of distorted guitar riffing. The contrast between the hushed verses that draw you in with their sci-fi synth sounds and the loud and driving choruses creates a clear distinction that pushes the song forward, making each part compelling and solid on its own.

Love is Blind is proof that in today’s world, you really don’t need much to create a good song, if you happen to have the sensibility for it. Ruiz, using an Arturia keyboard, along with his ear for melodies and arrangement, happened to craft a neat little tune with a soulful message that’s ready to send you to introspective hyperspace with its words, and ready to rock your drive home with its tight riffs.