Senses by Ben Kelly


Ben Kelly’s latest single is a minimalistic piece of chill R&B with an organic, earthy sound, alongside lazy and sensual singing from an up-and-coming soul star.

The Washington DC-based Ben Kelly is a singer and producer who pranced on to the scene only a few months back, and during such a small amount of time, he managed to amass a following that will only continue to grow with each of his releases. His latest release is ‘Senses’, and it is laid back and gorgeous. 

The simple ‘Senses’ is a chill piece of R&B, laced with soul all around. The minimalist arrangement only features a laid-back groove, made of trap drums, a simple but warm bass line, and a clean, creamy guitar laying down the chords, along with Ben Kelly’s heartfelt vocals that are approachable in delivery, and soothing is timbre. Ben Kelly’s singing is atmospheric and smooth.

‘Senses’ will certainly help Ben Kelly as he attempts to find his footings and his sound. This cut’s contemporary feel is welcoming and its earthy production is fitting, for wholesome results that encourage replays.


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