Love Not Hate by Olly Hite

Kate Hunter/Mix It All Up/Steve Spurgin/Karl Lobley

“We have been surrounded by division for far too long. From Brexit to Covid and now war” said Olly Hite, a British singer/songwriter born in Brighton. This inspired him to come up with a peace and love anthem “love not hate”, which is set to be released on 11/11/22.

The song tackles the greed of the world and how hate takes over everything leading to conflicts, whether it’s war or others. The song starts with a smooth vibe with coloration between the piano, drums, and vocals tackling the greed and wrongs of the world. The drums stop then a delightful piano line comes in with the words “Love not hate” setting the scene of the song. The reprise of the song hits hard when the cello is introduced painting the full picture, especially with lines such as “Yes ignorance is bliss that gives you comfort” and “can you hear the children crying”, the latter is flavored with a beautiful harmony that makes it more powerful. The song is catchy and addictive, as a person who was born and lived in the Middle Eastern region I can relate to it. I hope that the power of the song can spread love.



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