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Givers intend to give generously without expecting anything in return. However, there comes a point when they feel they are being taken for granted, that they are not enough, and they end up hurt. At this point, when they have had enough, they leave, traumatized but only seeking to find peace and serenity. “Loved U More” by Son.Person tells this poignant story, to which most of us can relate.

Whitt Sabin, AKA Son.Person, is a 17-year-old Pop/HipHop Memphis musician who is making a name for himself and developing a distinct sound. On May 13th, he released his ninth single, “Loved U More.” If you’re soft-hearted, grab some tissues before you hear this one because it’ll trigger some unpleasant memories.

The song has a melancholic atmosphere, but not fully, as the colorful, upbeat instruments, such as the lively drumbeat and catchy, shimmering guitar loops, give it a lusty vibe. The more you focus on the moving vocals and the wistful lyrics, the more you get into the somber, dreary mood. The tender, soulful vocals convey both hurt and relief, how it feels to be torn apart and how it feels to finally let go and be set free to a more peaceful state. It’s the sound of embracing pain and grace.

Son.person is a young talent that has accomplished so much so far. He’ll be well-known globally in no time. He’s not trying to make his way by making meaningless hits; he’s making touching, relevant music that’ll make whoever listens feel they’re not alone. “Loved U More” below is solid evidence.


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