Making a song that appeals to a wide range of listeners who prefer a specific genre is a difficult task, but not for Ruebi! It’s not strange for him to rock it effortlessly, and his single “Strange” is just one of many decent proofs.

Ruebi is a multi-instrumentalist and part-time musician hailing from Hamburg, Germany. It only takes one song of his to realize that you’re hearing a professional musician with extensive experience and brilliant musicianship. He used to play in a well-known Post-Punk band for years, but left it due to the pandemic, and now he is making his own superb, exceptional material.

When I first heard “Strange,” I was like, “There’s something weird about this song!” But it’s the good kind of weirdness, and for a song called “Strange,” I think it fulfilled its mission. It’s the best song that describes an ex, not in a gloomy, crying kind of way, but in a let’s dance on these grooves kind of way.

Well, the beats are vibrant, the guitars are funky and cool, the melody is catchy, and the production is perfect. But what’s really making the single stand out is Ruebi’s salted, raw, authentic vocals.  “Strange” draws you in with its well-structured blend. It has Post-Punk, Indie Rock/Pop, and 80’s wave influences that give it a vintage ambiance yet remain futuristic. So, whatever your cup of tea is, you’ll probably dig this one. All of the elements work together to create the desired atmosphere and entice you to join as the song’s final element, whose role is to shake vividly every time you hear it.

Ruebi has got it all: maturity, high-quality work, and a clear vision. His sound will be instantly recognizable, and he’ll easily stand out.


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